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Are Your Tank Parameters Good For Neocaridina Shrimp?

The ranges and recommendations are focused on Neocaridina (cherry shrimp) but amano shrimp, ghost shrimp, bamboo shrimp, and vampire shrimp all like similar ranges.

There's a lot of conflicting information online about what the "right" Neocaridina parameters are. There is normally overlap but rarely agreement on all of the ranges. This is because the ranges are based entirely on the creator's subjective experience, as opposed to reliable scientific research.That being said, there are many creators who have enough experience we can trust.

We've done our best to sift through some of the more popular sources for reliable data and create a tool to compare your tank parameters to their recommended values. For information about the research and decisions that went into building this tool, please visit our Neocaridina Parameter Rationale page.

Rating Definition:


Your parameter is within the recommended range. No change is necessary.

Borderline [High/Low]

Your parameters are on the edge of the recommended range. Shrimp may still do well but it is less likely. If your tank does not have shrimp yet, or if your shrimp are showing signs of stress, then change may be needed.

[Above/Below] Recommended Range

This parameter is outside of the healthy range. Your shrimp are unlikely to do well at this level so change is recommended.

Parameter Checking Tool

Enter your current/desired tank parameters below (excluding units), then press the Submit button to receive a rating of "Good", "Borderline", or "Out of Range" for each parameter. You will also get a brief explanation of the rating, along with additional resources to understand the parameter and how to control it. You may see our full table of ranges and ratings below the tool.

FYI: This information may be useful for other types of shrimp aside from Neocaridina but will not provide accurate information for Caridina or Sulawesi shrimp.

Please note this tool may help detect problems with parameters but it will not catch every issue. If you want more personalized assistance/feedback, then we recommend posting to r/shrimptank or a Facebook group like Shrimp Keeper.

Use the scroll bar to view all parameter ranges on mobile devices. Click here to learn how we selected these neocaridina parameter ranges.

Neocaridina Parameter Ranges:

pH Ammonia Nitrites Nitrates GH KH
N/A ppm ppm ppm dH ppm dH ppm
Above Range >8 >0 >0 >20 >14 >250 >10 >179
Borderline High 7.6-8 N/A N/A 15-20 11-14 180-250 9-10 144-179
Good 6.8-7.5 0 0 0-14 6-10 108-179 2-8 37-143
Borderline Low 6.4-6.7 N/A N/A N/A 4-5 72-107 0-2 0-36
Below Range <6.4 N/A N/A N/A <4 <71.6 N/A N/A

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