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GH & KH Unit Converter

General hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) are both important parameters for healthy shrimp. When people talk about these parameters, they are often in degrees or drops of hardness (dH) but a few are in parts per million (ppm). You also may see dH be referred to as dGH or dKH, which is a good idea to clarify which parameter is being discussed. For reference, 1 dH equals 17.9 ppm.

Most liquid test kits (like the API GH/KH Test Kit) display their results in dH, whereas test strips typically use ppm. Doing the conversion by hand can be annoying so use this GH/KH unit conversion tool below to easily switch between the two.

For more information on GH/KH and how to control them, please see the resources below:

SB103 - The Basics of pH and KH in Your Shrimp Tank

SB104 - The Basics of GH in Your Shrimp Tank

To learn more about the basics of shrimp keeping, feel free to visit The Shrimp School!


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