Well hello there!

My name is Rick and, if you can’t tell already, I’m pretty obsessed with shrimp keeping.  Don’t worry--it’s a healthy addiction.  You understand if you also keep shrimp and, if you don't, then I highly recommend trying it out.  I mean, how many other hobbies allow you to:

  1. Keep a bunch of pets and plants
  2. Create—or in my case--attempt to create a living piece of art
  3. Build an entire ecosystem in your house
  4. Make some money by selling shrimp to reinvest in the hobby
  5. Learn a ton of cool biology and chemistry along the way (If you want to)

Shrimply Explained™ is dedicated to making this hobby easy to get into and help avoid the pitfalls that many face when starting out.  That way everyone can experience the fun and satisfaction that comes with shrimp keeping!


Having been surrounded by animals growing up (five cats, one leopard gecko, crickets (for the gecko), multiple rabbits, a couple fish tanks), I’ve always enjoyed learning and caring for them.  That led to an interest in science and I eventually got a degree in molecular biology. 

But why shrimp?

One evening, I was out on a jog and some drunk guy yelled “RUN, FORREST, RUN!” I wasn’t a big fan of being compared to Forrest Gump at the time, but apparently that drunkard saw shrimp greatness in me—or cast some sort of spell only unlocked by excessive amounts of alcohol--who knows.  All that matters is that, after this chance encounter, I knew my destiny would ever be intertwined with shrimp.  Pretty standard origin story overall.

Anyway, I enjoy science while also having an interest in teaching, making art, and making people laugh.  As such, Shrimply Explained™ is intended to provide a collection of comprehensive information in an understandable and entertaining format--Basically what school should be but often isn’t. 

Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned veteran of the hobby, there is always something new to learn and I will do my very best to teach it while spreading the shrimp addiction.


Thanks for reading!  Shrimply and I hope you have a fun and relaxing rest of your day.


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